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After carefully mowing, tedding and raking your silage it needs to be secured for storage. To prevent loss of nutritional value the bale needs to be sealed as soon as possible. We create a true one-man operation with our bale-and-wrap combination range. At DEUTZ-FAHR we believe in providing efficient, yet easy to use machine techniques that will give a boost to the profitability of your company. Perfectly shaped, consistent round bales are the end-result what every customer is looking for. With over 30 years of experience in baling and wrapping, our machines can produce high bale densities even in the most demanding conditions.

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Thanks to the unique design of the CompacMaster+, with integrated wrapper, two operations are combined in one machine. This highly compact and lightweight machine weighs only 3700 kg. With its low weight and excellent manoeuvrability the DEUTZ-FAHR CompacMaster+ is perfect for hilly conditions and for use in small / wet fields with narrow access gates.

Integral Rotor:

The CompacMaster+ is equipped with the patented* Integral Rotor Technology with double tines made out of Hardox wear plates. Hardox combines extreme hardness and toughness which minimises wear of the rotor tines. The simple, maintenance free intake system maximises the efficiency and performance of the machine with all types of forage. The short distance between rotor and pick-up yields an outstanding crop flow. This force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for outstanding productivity and reduced crop damage.

Cutting systems:

The DEUTZ-FAHR OC cutting systems are designed for unlimited intake capacity and excellent cutting quality. They are acknowledged by users as one of the best cutting systems on the market. The silage is guided and drawn to the knives in an early stage which improves the flow and cutting performance and is also preventing unwanted blockage. The CompacMaster+ is available with two different cutting units with 14 or 23 knives, both with group selection.

Integrated wrapping system:

For compressing the crop into consistent size and dense bales, the baling process has to be as effective as possible, while being gentle on the crop. The bale chamber of the CompacMaster+ exists of 18 rollers with power track profile for reliable bale rotation. 6 rollers in the bottom chamber segment create an ideal wrapping table which is friendly for the film. The integrated stainless steel low friction plates offer a significant reduction of the power requirements. The machine is equipped with two 750 mm diameter pre-tensioner units as standard, and with a high speed integrated wrapping ring wraps the bale with 6 layers of film in 18 seconds. Once the required number of layers of film have been applied to the bale, the lower part of the compression chamber opens downwards. Simultaneously, the wrapping ring is lifted, letting the bale roll gently onto the ground. No bale transfer to a wrapping machine is needed, and there is no risk of the bale expanding.

The IntelliWrap™ system works in conjunction with the sophisticated electronics and hydraulics of the roto-press controls to continuously monitor the wrapping process and control film overlay for unparalleled versatility, ensuring superior silage quality and minimising the risk of nutrient loss.



A new unique feature as part of IntelliWrap on the CompacMaster+ is the patented* film binding system. DEUTZ-FAHR's film binding concept offers advantages by means of costs, the environment and ease of operation. The patented* film binding is a 2 reel film binding system which applies film on the cylindrical side of the bale in the bale chamber. Several advantages compared to other available film binding systems using special wide film; standard stretch film (750 mm), no special wide film material needed, up to 30% film cost savings for film binding due to higher stretch ratio**, larger intervals for exchange of film rolls and optimised processing time as the beginning and end string are as short as possible due to the unique 2 reel concept.

Always in control:

The CompacMaster+ is ISOBUS compatible. ISOBUS compatible tractors will therefore not require a separate control box for the baler. Alternatively, the VT50 or CCI monitor can be used with tractors that are not ISOBUS compatible. Operator settings, such as amount of net/ film layers, automatic/manual binding start and selecting wrapping programs, are accessed via the monitor. Operator information, such as bale growth detection, wrapping process overview and number of bales, are also provided.

* Patent or patent pending in one or more countries

** Based on film cost August 2015

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