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For over 50 years, DEUTZ-FAHR drum mowers have set the benchmark for others to follow. Even in the most challenging conditions, these machines offer the farmer the peace of mind of perfectly clean, precise mowing results. DEUTZ-FAHR drum mowers draw from the experience gained from manufacturing over 700,000 machines - a figure that no other constructor manufacturer even comes close to matching!

For maximum productivity, DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the DM 428F, DM 432F and DM 631F front-mounted mowers, with cutting widths from 2.70 to 3.10 m, and the innovative DM 493 triple mower, which can mow with three different cutting widths (8.40, 8.65 and 8.95 m). With the DEUTZ-FAHR DM 493 triple mower, a 74 to 110 kW tractor (100-150 hp) is all you need to achieve unparalleled productivity. At just 1900 Kg, the DM 493 offers an outstanding power to weight ratio and is light enough to limit soil compaction, while the compact dimensions of the machine itself ensure superlative manoeuvrability.


With a choice of five models - KM 3.16, KM 3.18, KM 3.21, KM 4.27 and KM 4.29 - DEUTZ-FAHR offers a range of superlative quality mowers with working widths from 1.65 to 2.95 m. Ideal for the small to medium sized farm. The KM 3.16, KM 3.18 and KM 3.21 feature 2 drums with outlet deflectors, while the KM 4.27 and KM 4.29 raise the bar for drum mower productivity. The incredibly effective combination of two large outer drums and two small inner drums generates an extraordinary flow of cut grass for superlative productivity. And despite being capable of mowing enormous quantities of forage, the KM 4.27 and KM 4.29 have low power demands.

Complementing drum mower range alongside the KM series are the DRUMMASTER 427, 431 and 631, with innovative, intelligent solutions for superlative productivity and with working widths of 2.70 and 3.10 m. The modular construction of these mowers makes unscheduled maintenance significantly easier, as the drums may be removed individually. Another advantage of the modular construction is the absence of drive belts - the entire transmission consists of a gear train immersed in oil, for unparalleled safety, reliability and durability. What sets these mowers apart is the LIFT-CONTROL system. This is much more than a mere suspension system, and uses nitrogen accumulators instead of conventional mechanical springs to maintain a constant ground pressure and ensure clean mowing results. The DRUMMASTER 631 is equipped with the FREE-FLOAT suspension system, which allows the mower to precisely follow the contours of the terrain. This advanced system not only offers vertical and transverse freedom of movement, but also allows fore/aft movement to prevent damage to the turf and keeps the cut grass free from soil.

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Uninterrupted forage production

Mowing quality closely depends on the speed of the transport of cut grass. DEUTZ-FAHR uses drums with two flat sides and screw-on transport strips for optimal crop transport without the risk of blockage. This system also prevents the risk of stems tangling around the drums.

  • Perfectly formed swaths

The drums of the KM 4.27, KM 4.29, DM 427 and DM 431 are specifically configured to deposit the cut forage in two clean.

  • Total turf protection

Potent compensating or springs fitted as standard transfer the majority of the weight from the mower to the tractor. Freely rotating saucers prevent damage to the precious turf layer. These springs also minimise lateral drift, which is inevitable when working with small tractors, and make working on gradients easier.

  • Simple cutting height adjustment

The cutting height is simply and continuously adjustable using a spindle on top of the mower , making it unnecessary to stoop under the machine or turn the slippage plates. With a wide adjustment range and easily readable settings, the cutting height can be set quickly to suit terrain conditions and ensure immediate regrowth.

  • Change blades in an instant

The quick blade replacement system saves valuable time, and the mower is ready to go again in an instant.

  • FlexProtect

All 4- drum models have an intelligent system preventing the risk of damage to the side covers. The DEUTZ-FAHR FlexProtect side covers are made from polyethylene. This material flexes in the event of impact with an obstacle, protecting the parts of the mower, and then returns to its original shape. The 2-drum models are equipped as standard with an integrated protection rail which effectively prevents damage to the protective covers.

  • Making your investment last

DEUTZ-FAHR mower drums are engineered for extensive, long-life usage. Special welds or sturdy reinforcement plates fitted in the area subject to the greatest stress to prevent the premature wear of the mowing plates. Even under normal working conditions, it is not unusual to encounter an obstacle. In the event of impact with an obstacle, the cutter unit pivot back to absorb the shock. Simply reversing the tractor resets the safety system and returns the cutter unit to its working position.

  • Transport

Using a cord the operator can move the mower from transport to working postion and vice versa. An optional hydraulic ram is also available to fold the mower into the vertical transport position. The DM 427 and DM 431 are fully hydraulically controlled.

  • Conditioner

Integrated DEUTZ-FAHR TC 3.32 conditioner with generously sized conditioner rotor and rigid, wear-resistant plastic tines. This conditioner delivers excellent performance with low power consumption even when working with heavy grass. The intensity of the conditioning action is also adjustable to suit the type and quantity of grass mown.


Impeccable terrain following performance

Boasting a simple, rigid frame, DM428F and 432F models represent the most cost-effective choice for the commonest applications. The fixed link or PENDELFLEX link ensure that the mower follows the terrain perfectly longitudinally. Transverse unevenness is compensated for by the arms of the front lift.

The DM 631 is equipped with the FREE FLOAT suspension system, which not only allows lateral freedom and vertical of movement, but also allows the mower to move forwards and backwards. This prevents damage to the turf layer and keeps the cut grass free from soil.

The right ground pressure in all conditions

Large compensator springs (on DM428F and DM432F models) or a hydraulic system (DM631F) limit the pressure applied to the ground, transferring the weight onto the front axle of the tractor. This minimises turf damage and improves the manoeuvrability of the tractor.


  • Perfectly shaped windrows

The system of small and large mowing drums delivers class beating precision and performance. Two large drums and two small drums in counter-rotating pairs ensure a generous passage space for the grass, minimising the power demands of the system.

The result is a soft and perfectly parallel windrow, which is ideal for loader wagons and hay spreaders. Two windrow shaper discs make it possible to alter the width of the windrow to match the width of the hay spreader or loader wagon pick-up.

  • Continuous cutting height adjustment

Cutting height may be adjusted in real time from the top of the mower.

The adjuster mechanism is easily accessible, and the current setting is easily readable at all times. It is no longer necessary to stoop under the machine, and the cutting height setting on both the left and right hand sides can be checked simply and at a glance.

  • Dependable transmission

The DIRECT DRIVE oil bath gear transmission system ensures uniform, quiet and reliable power transmission.

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