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Introducing a new milestone in the evolution of the DEUTZ-FAHR range dedicated to agriculture.

Our extensive experience in the field, combined with dialogue with DEUTZ-FAHR loyal customers to listen to their needs, formed the foundation for the development of the C6205. Reliable and compact but offering extraordinary productivity: A new benchmark for the 5 straw walker class, encapsulating the superior technology and concepts of DEUTZ-FAHR systems. A machine dedicated to medium sized farms aiming for greater independence, conceived to harvest all types of crop with outstanding results. With two models, four versions and extraordinary versatility making a huge choice of different configurations possible, the C6205 and C6205 TS are invaluable allies for your work.


A sublime working pleasure
The optimum threshing.

DEUTZ-FAHR means no compromises. The C6205‘s threshing system maintains the same characteristics of its big sisters to guarantee top performance for every type of product, always aiming for high grain and straw quality. With its 600-mm diameter, the threshing drum is comprised of eight robust bars bolted to five supports.


The C6205 TS‘s threshing system is enhanced by a third cylinder installed beyond the straw beater right before the straw walker: the turbo separator. This device increases the combine harvester‘s working capacity by about 20% so that the machine can be used at maximum performance level even with a particularly abundant harvest, with product in hard conditions like green straw or weeds. The turbo separator is 590 mm in diameter, 10 toothed feeder bars; the cylinder can be adjusted in five different positions to allow for more or less aggressive work on the product or even exclusion of the turbo separator should it be necessary.

A new achievement.

The Tier 4Final engine, with lower consumption but above all reduced environmental footprint, further enhances the prestige of the C6205. With Common Rail injection, 24 valves and an electronic governor system, these engines deliver exactly the right amount of power for the occasion and can respond to load peaks without losing productivity. The DOC (diesel oxidation catalysts) system, combined with the SCR (Selective Catalytic reduction) manage to considerably decrease the nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) which are among the main pollutants that come from combustion.

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