Köckerling Grasmaster
Арт.№: IRI629

The professional leveller, aerator, re-seeder and over seeder for all pastures

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In cereal growing output is increasing and is given management time. In grassland output has not received the attention it needs. With earlier silage making there is no chance of selfseeding. To compensate over seeding keeps outputs high and eliminates poor quality meadows grasses from reestablishing themselves. Overseeding extends the productive life of leys. In dry years or when fields have been poached weeds often fill the gapsleft lowering output. The dead grasses at the bottom must be removed before successful over seeding can take place. Successful over seeding needs three elements. The correct technology, the right grass mixture and the know how as to when and how. We are pleased to advise on this.

Grasmaster 300Grasmaster 600
Working width 3,00 m6,00 m
Transport width 3,00 m3,00 m
Tine fields 24
Tines per field 6060
Tine diameter 8 mm8 mm
Tine spacing 2,5 cm2,5 cm
Weight 820 kg1000 kg
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