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Our goal is to develop machines that will give a boost to the profitability of your company. High output is a key success factor for every large square baler. DEUTZ-FAHR BigMaster baling presses feature several unique points that will provide the capacity your company requires. The ability to produce top quality bales in all crop conditions sets DEUTZ-FAHR BigMaster baling presses apart from all the others. Perfectly shaped bales, high output and outstanding durability, ensure the DEUTZ-FAHR BigMaster will be a profitable investment.


Featuring an innovative design, this pick-up, which measures 2.10 or 2.30 m, gathers even the thickest, tallest windrows effectively and quickly. The gradient control and height adjustment systems mean that the machine closely follows the contours of the terrain to ensure thorough gathering. The pick-up roller feeds material to the rotor effectively regardless of the conditions of the crop.

Integral rotor

All DEUTZ-FAHR BigMaster balers, cutting or non-cutting versions are equipped with the INTEGRAL ROTOR. This simple, maintenance-free integrated rotor situated immediately behind the pick-up ensures the uniform feed of material to the press irrespective of the type of forage. The large inlet chamber prevents the risk of overload for superior performance in the field. The rotor also ensures that material is fed continuously to the compression chamber even when working with uneven windrows.

OptiFeed – Non cutting version

When crop cutting is not required, the OptiFeed system ensures a controlled and consistent crop flow to the pre-chamber. With the rotor, an additional level of protection is added to the machine.

OC – Cutting versions

The OC cutting systems are designed for unlimited intake capacity. There are three different types of OC cutting system (availability dependent on BigMaster model):

OC 10

The OC 10 provides a theoretical cutting length of 70 mm. The knives have an individual spring type protection and can be engaged from the tractor cab.

OC 15

The OC 15 offers a cutting length of 45 mm. The patented rotor tine shape ensures a low power requirement and a perfect cutting quality. The knives, individually protected with a spring, can be changed easily with the standard cassette system.

OC 23

The OC 23 offers a cutting length of 45 mm on the 120 cm wide machine. With a rotor diameter of 60 cm, the OmniCut rotor will process every swath that is placed in front of the baler. The knives on the OC 23 have individual hydraulic protection. This ensures a perfect cutting quality regardless of working speed and crop.

With just two levers the operator can easily choose from the following knife group configurations: 0 – 11 – 12 – 23. Together with the standard cassette system for easy knife changing, you not only invest in cutting quality but, above all, in driver comfort.

Power Density

The Power Density system ensures optimum compression chamber filling with all types of forage, while also preserving the qualities of the forage itself. Whether working with the season's first harvest of lucerne, the large windrows typical of the first cutting in spring or straw, this system ensures the same, outstanding results, with tightly packed, evenly formed bales. The loader fork transfers the forage from the rotor to the compression chamber. When this pre-compression chamber is 100% full and the pressure reaches a predetermined value, the system automatically transfers the pre-compressed block directly to the compression chamber.

Compression chamber

DEUTZ-FAHR's engineering excellence is evident in pistons and a compression chamber designed with the primary goal of producing extremely compact, tightly packed bales. The 3 meter long compression chamber ensures outstanding bale density. The piston is driven at a speed of 46 strokes/minute directly by the main transmission and is mounted on three or four 150 mm diameter roller bearings which run on specially treated slides. The roller bearings are lubricated by a centralised system and located outside the compression chamber for easy access for inspection and maintenance. The pressure may be preset directly from the cab of the tractor. In the event of overload, the machine reduces the pressure in the chamber to prevent the risk of damage. Once the overload has been cleared, the preset pressure is restored. All models are equipped with cam-actuated clutch protection systems for all the main feeder elements: namely, the pick-up, integral rotor and loader fork.


The TWIN-STEP® system ensures trouble-free knotting. The knot is tied in two steps to create the ideal tension between the twine and knotters, for maximised bale density. The 4 or 6 knotters (depending on model) are lubricated by a centralised system, and may also be connected to an optional lubricator system. For additional peace of mind, to reduce the risk of machine damage and down-time, each knotter is protected by a shear bolt.

The BigMaster D models are equipped with a double knotting system. With the electronic knotter control, the driver has accurate information concerning twine tension at all times and receives an alarm in case of risk. The knotting progress can be monitored directly from the tractor cab.

Monitor and ISOBUS

As this machine is equipped with an ISOBUS connector, no additional control units are necessary and all parameters and settings may be viewed and adjusted directly from the tractor's own control monitor. For tractors without ISOBUS technology, a choice of two different control monitors is offered:

the VT 50 monitor, which offers total control over the machine via a 14.5 cm colour touch screen.

or the CCI 500 monitor, with a clear 21.6 cm colour screen offering access to all the parameters and settings of the baler.

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